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Calibration Service

The integrity and accuracy of your breathalyzer depends on regular calibration

There are two ways to get the breathalyzer calibrated.

  1. Breathalyzer with replaceable sensor module.

    The sensor module is removable from the breathalyzer. The new sensor module is pre-calibrated, based on plug and use. The sensor module in the breathalyzer is removed and replaced with the new sensor module and the breathalyzer is good to go. Just replace back the battery and the breathalyzer is as good as new and considered calibrated.

    Replaceable sensor modules are listed as accessories in our product page and should you have any queries regarding buying the correct sensor module, please write to us.
  2. Breathalyzer with fixed sensor module.

    The breathalyzer is required to be returned to us for servicing and calibration using our in-house simulation equipment. For in-house calibration, usually this is for more advanced breathalyzer, for example BAC 300 Jupiter, Mercury, Mark X etc..

    For breathalyzer to be sent back to us, please contact us at and we will provide the instruction and cost based on the model of breathalyzer.